AOTA Gives Tips on How to Prevent Falls

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American Occupational Therapy Association

Since 1982, Dr. Grace Walker has owned and operated the Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center in Orange, California, and uses her training as an occupational and physical therapist to treat patients with a wide range of issues. In an effort to stay up-to-date with the latest in occupational medicine, Dr. Grace Walker maintains membership in the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

For adults 65 years of age and older, falls represent the leading injury/death risk. There are several mitigating factors that can lead to falls, such as the wrong shoes, items in the home that represent a tripping risk, and health conditions that can cause impaired balance, among others.

Input from experienced occupational therapists can help reduce the risk of falling. That’s why AOTA has published a list of recommendations to help make the home safer for elderly adults. Arranging the furniture to create more room, adding support rails in potential fall zones, and placing rubber mats on the floor in the bathroom and kitchen can go a long way toward reducing falling hazards in the home. For the complete list of recommendations, visit

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ML830 Laser Therapy Outcomes

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ML830 Laser Therapy

Physical therapist and holistic health practitioner, Dr. Grace Walker holds advanced degrees from Villanova, Rocky Mountain University, and the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy. Currently, Dr.Grace Walker provides treatment options for back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain as the director of Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center.

Located in Orange County, California, Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center incorporates revolutionary and innovative treatments into its service array. These include the ML830 Laser, a form of Low-Level Laser Therapy technology (LLLT). The treatment involves the application of low level laser wavelengths, known as photons, to areas of the body that experience chronic pain.

The treatment stimulates cell recovery and helps the body to maintain an ideal fluid balance. Moreover, LLLT absorbs excess edema, a liquid substance the body naturally produces in the case of injury but can cause swelling and pain. These outcomes lead to other benefits that include:

– Immediate results for the majority of patients.
– A reduction in recovery time for injuries and a reduced risk of re-injury.
– A reduction in swelling, which can lead to enhanced movement and flexibility.
– A decrease in pain and inflammation without the need for drugs.
– An improvement in quality of life.

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Go Red For Women Prioritizes Women’s Heart Health


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Go Red For Women

Dr. Grace Walker owns and operates Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center in Orange, California, where she and her team treat a number of conditions in a patient-centered, compassionate manner. Aside from her professional activities as a physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, Dr. Grace Walker is involved with several charitable activities, including Go Red For Women, an American Heart Association (AHA) initiative.

In the past, heart disease was often thought of as something that only afflicted older men. Studies show that the truth is much different, pointing to heart disease as the No. 1 killer of women in the United States.

In an effort to educate women about the high risks of heart disease, the AHA launched the Go Red For Women initiative. According to the AHA, the program is designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health via diet, exercise, and regular physical exams.

The AHA emphasizes the importance of physical exams to help increase women’s awareness of important heart health-related measurements such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. When these numbers are elevated, the risk of heart disease increases dramatically. To keep them within a healthy range, women must prioritize a healthy diet, physical activity, weight loss, and smoking cessation.

Funds that are raised for the AHA’s Go Red For Women initiative are applied directly to awareness campaigns, research, education, and community programs that are specifically geared toward women.

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Physical Therapy and Knee Pain


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Knee Pain

A physical therapist with more than three decades of experience, Dr. Grace Walker leads Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center in Orange, California. In fact, Dr. Grace Walker leverages her extensive experience as a physical therapist to treat patients with several types of pain, including those affecting the knee.

Knee pain can be attributed to various causes, including arthritis, trauma, and knee surgery. Unfortunately, it can severely impact quality of life by discouraging walking and otherwise limiting mobility.

Physicians may recommend physical therapy as an effective means of recovery to patients with knee pain. For instance, in those with arthritis of the knee, weak quadriceps can exacerbate pain and lost mobility. To reduce painful symptoms, therapists can guide patients through exercises specifically intended to improve the strength of this muscle group.

Physical therapy also supports those with knee pain caused by trauma. During therapy, patients may undergo stretches, ultrasound massaging, electrical muscle stimulation, and exercises like hamstring curls or leg lifts.

The duration of any therapy regimen depends on the severity of the trauma or pain. Physicians may prescribe multiple sessions per week for several weeks or months.
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The AAOMPT Student Special Interest Group


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American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

Through her work as the director of the Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, Grace Walker provides services as a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. Further to her work as a physical therapist, Grace Walker is a Fellow of the American Academy of Manual Physical Therapy (AAOMPT), which provides various educational opportunities to its members.

The AAOMPT created its Student Special Interest Group (SIG) with the aim of encouraging student activity within the organization, both via the use of manual physical therapy practices based on current evidence and by advancing the practice of orthopedic manual physical therapy. In doing so, the Student SIG offers growth opportunities to AAOMPT members and facilitates networking between upcoming and current physical therapy professionals.

The Student SIG’s ultimate aim is to create a collective of students who will later become the leaders of the profession. Beyond this, the Student SIG maintains a blog that provides information about the organization’s activities and upcoming events that may benefit its members.

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Three Tips for Preventing Selfie Elbow


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Selfie Elbow

As a physical therapist,occupational therapist and nutritionist, and the director of the Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, Dr. Grace Walker has extensive experience treating conditions like spinal pain, hand pain, and sports injuries. One relatively new repetitive strain injury treated by Dr. Grace Walker and her team of physical therapists is “selfie elbow,” arm pain from taking too many selfies.

Though it may sound silly at first, selfie elbow can be a serious and painful condition similar to tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. The injury is caused by the repetitive strain we put on our arm by taking too many selfies. If you love taking selfies, consider following these three tips to minimize your chances of incurring this injury.

1. Switch Hands – Since selfie elbow is caused by repeatedly taking selfies using the same arm, simply switching hands may be enough to prevent the injury. Next time you take a selfie, give your dominant arm a break and take the selfie with your other hand.

2. Elbow Lock – Refrain from locking your elbow when you take your selfies. Combined with clicking the picture button on your phone, fully extending your elbow increases the tension and strain placed on your arm, which may lead to small muscle tears.

3. Selfie Sticks – Selfie sticks may provide the best solution, as they prevent the need to extend your arm at all. These extending sticks, which clip onto your camera, make it easier to get the perfect selfie angle without placing any strain on your elbow or arm.

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APTA Names New Strategic Business Partner

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American Physical Therapy Association

For the past 35 years, occupational and physical therapist Grace Walker has helped clients with various issues requiring physical therapy such as pain of the spine and temporomandibular joint issues. In order to augment her skills as a physical therapist and network with her peers, Grace Walker maintains membership in the American Physical Therapy Association.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) recently welcomed Scorebuilders as the newest member of the organization’s Strategic Business Partner program. Named to the bronze level of the program, Scorebuilders has been in business for the past 27 years, offering educational elements such as books, review classes, and smartphone applications to physical therapists looking to take their careers to the next level.

Through the Strategic Business Partner initiative, the APTA is able to forge key relationships with companies that have beneficial services to offer APTA members by offering marketing and other services in return. To learn more about the program, visit

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