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New Matresses and Low Back Pain

Grace Walker

Dr. Grace Walker, a certified clinical nutritionist and holistic healthcare practitioner, has spent nearly four decades as director of the Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center. A graduate of the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions as a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and a Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Grace Walker Gray has had over 35 years of experience with low back pain as the Director of Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center In addition to her Doctorate degress in Therapy, Dr. Grace Walker has achieved a diverse range of certifications, including a Master of Aromatherapy certification, a Holistic healthcare certification and a Nutritional Consult and Certification. from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy. Her soon to published book,is entitled “Bye Bye Back Pain, 9 holistic Solutions for Long Term Relief from Sciatica, Lumbago Slipped Disc and Backache

How old is that mattress you’ve been sleeping on? Is your mattress still as good for you as the day you purchased it? Sleep is recuperative both physiologically and psychologically and encourages healing and repair, whereas sleep deficiency is linked to loss of work production, increased sick days, greater absenteeism, loss of efficiency, and higher injury rates. Researchers found that new bedding systems increased sleep quality and reduced back discomfort, factors that may be related to abatement of stress-related symptoms. While a new mattress is pricey, it is an investment. Consider your quality of sleep next time your back pain concerns you.

So, what can you do if you’re already experiencing back pain? Consider holistic treatment approaches; physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, pressure point releases, supplements, laser therapy,diet and nutritional approaches and aromatherapy can all be helpful tools to alleviate back pain. Other options you can consider on your own at home include yoga, tai chi, walking, hydrotherapy, and Pilates. Perhaps some exercise each day might be just what the doctor ordered!

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Getting Involved with APTA Advocacy


American Physical Therapy Association pic

American Physical Therapy Association
Image: apta.org

The recipient of a doctor of physical therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Dr. Grace Walker helps patients achieve healing and regain mobility. Complementing her work at Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center in Orange, California, Dr. Grace Walker holds membership in professional groups such as the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Formed by 274 charter members in 1921, the APTA has grown over the past century into a prominent organization encompassing 95,000 practitioners around the United States. The association fosters a sense of collegiality among its members through annual events and encourages continuing education through courses and conferences. In addition, the APTA advocates for legislation that affects physical therapists and the patients they work with.

To better advocate for legislation important to the field, the APTA leverages the power of its membership through a series of grassroots initiatives. On the APTA website, members can access prewritten letters to send to members of Congress about pending or proposed legislation, while the organization also provides guidance and training on ways to advocate at the individual level.

Furthermore, APTA members can download the APTA Action app, which functions as a clearinghouse for all available advocacy opportunities. Through the app, members can access a congressional directory, keep track of key advocacy and legislative deadlines, and research talking points to keep in mind during interactions with policy makers. Learn more at APTA.org.

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Occupational Therapy Month Celebrates the Role of Therapists


AOTA Gives Tips on How to Prevent Falls

American Occupational Therapy Association pic

American Occupational Therapy Association
Image: aota.org

Since 1982, Dr. Grace Walker has owned and operated the Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center in Orange, California, and uses her training as an occupational and physical therapist to treat patients with a wide range of issues. In an effort to stay up-to-date with the latest in occupational medicine, Dr. Grace Walker maintains membership in the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

For adults 65 years of age and older, falls represent the leading injury/death risk. There are several mitigating factors that can lead to falls, such as the wrong shoes, items in the home that represent a tripping risk, and health conditions that can cause impaired balance, among others.

Input from experienced occupational therapists can help reduce the risk of falling. That’s why AOTA has published a list of recommendations to help make the home safer for elderly adults. Arranging the furniture to create more room, adding support rails in potential fall zones, and placing rubber mats on the floor in the bathroom and kitchen can go a long way toward reducing falling hazards in the home. For the complete list of recommendations, visit aota.org.

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ML830 Laser Therapy Outcomes

ML830 Laser Therapy pic

ML830 Laser Therapy
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Physical therapist and holistic health practitioner, Dr. Grace Walker holds advanced degrees from Villanova, Rocky Mountain University, and the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy. Currently, Dr.Grace Walker provides treatment options for back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain as the director of Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center.

Located in Orange County, California, Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center incorporates revolutionary and innovative treatments into its service array. These include the ML830 Laser, a form of Low-Level Laser Therapy technology (LLLT). The treatment involves the application of low level laser wavelengths, known as photons, to areas of the body that experience chronic pain.

The treatment stimulates cell recovery and helps the body to maintain an ideal fluid balance. Moreover, LLLT absorbs excess edema, a liquid substance the body naturally produces in the case of injury but can cause swelling and pain. These outcomes lead to other benefits that include:

– Immediate results for the majority of patients.
– A reduction in recovery time for injuries and a reduced risk of re-injury.
– A reduction in swelling, which can lead to enhanced movement and flexibility.
– A decrease in pain and inflammation without the need for drugs.
– An improvement in quality of life.

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Physical Therapy and Knee Pain


Knee Pain pic

Knee Pain
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A physical therapist with more than three decades of experience, Dr. Grace Walker leads Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center in Orange, California. In fact, Dr. Grace Walker leverages her extensive experience as a physical therapist to treat patients with several types of pain, including those affecting the knee.

Knee pain can be attributed to various causes, including arthritis, trauma, and knee surgery. Unfortunately, it can severely impact quality of life by discouraging walking and otherwise limiting mobility.

Physicians may recommend physical therapy as an effective means of recovery to patients with knee pain. For instance, in those with arthritis of the knee, weak quadriceps can exacerbate pain and lost mobility. To reduce painful symptoms, therapists can guide patients through exercises specifically intended to improve the strength of this muscle group.

Physical therapy also supports those with knee pain caused by trauma. During therapy, patients may undergo stretches, ultrasound massaging, electrical muscle stimulation, and exercises like hamstring curls or leg lifts.

The duration of any therapy regimen depends on the severity of the trauma or pain. Physicians may prescribe multiple sessions per week for several weeks or months.
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